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                                                 Herbal Packages...

Specially custom made herbal packages to suite various health needs, are now available below.

NOTE: Most of our herbal packages contain the following:

1- BODY CLEANSE Herbal Blend.  Detoxing your body from various accumulated toxins is one of the best approach in using herbal products and this allows the body to absorb nutrients from the herbs in ways the body benefits more.  In addition, it cleanse your digestive tract and supports any existing digestion issues. 

2- Relevant Blend for your health concern: Depending on what concern you may have, we have grouped our herbs in a form of herbal blends to support most common health concerns such as (Diabetes, Hormonal Balance/ Women Health,  Men's Health, Prostate Health, Weight Loss, Immune support, Kidney Health etc.).

3- Black seed Oil: The Black seed oil is suggested for general maintenance of the body and enhancing well-being and vitality..

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