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About Heal of Nature ...

At Heal of nature we follow our passion for nature from our childhood. This passion has lead us to base our services and products in relation to (ANYTHING TO DO WITH NATURE).

Our core concept is making natural products available at reasonable prices yet not compromising the quality of our products. Our Herbal ingredients (Dry herbs, seeds and all what we use) are either naturally grown OR organically grown, we strictly source reputable suppliers whom have direct trace to the origins of the product, cultivation method and the care given while growing.


Our products range:

We mainly focused upon producing quality oils to enhance overall wellbeing and vitality. We have various other ranges of products including:

  • Cold pressed oil

  • Herbal Powder Blends

  • Herbal Teas

  • Natural plant extracts

  • Vitamins

  • Health & beauty products

  • & more

The majority of our products are processed and manufactured by us in the UK. All products made using the raw form of plant parts. Nothing else is added and we are very strict about that.

Our products are Available for both retail and wholesale. Please click here to request more information on wholesale prices & ranges. 

If you have any query about our products, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as  we can. We thank you for visiting our online website and we look forward for you to have a valuable experience with us.


On behalf of Heal Of Nature:

Mr Kadaphe Elemen

BSc. Herbal Medicine & Natural Therapeutic

Tel: from UK: 07507 111333

From outside the UK: 0044 7507 111333



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