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Natural Herbal Package to support:

Asthma Support Naturally - Eases Asthma Complications and Lung Cleanse


The package contains:

1- 150g Sidr Mountain Honey with Black seed:

 to be used alongside the back seed oil below

OR for 3 years plus please take 1 tsp a day.


2- 125ml Black seed Oil:

for 3 years 10 years -  To take  half a teaspoon 1 to 2 times a day. Mixed with honey and warm water OR taken directly (Please help your child to adapt to the taste). You may use the honey supplied or any Organic honey.



5- Oregano Capsules:

10 years plus: to take 1 only a day. please do not exceed the dosage stated. Not to be taken under 10 years olds. Younger than 10 years old may develop skin rash.. 


Enhances immunity and infections.




Normal Price when bought individually = £31


Discounted to £28  YOU save £3



NOTE:  Not to be used by under 10 years old children.

Asthma Support Naturally For Children 10 Years Plus

£31.00 Regular Price
£24.80Sale Price
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