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Black Cumin Seeds Oil Hair Natural Treatment Kalonji / Nigella Sativa -  125ml


Black Cumin Seeds / Black Seed oil used traditionallyas a natural built treatment for hair lengthening and Softeningthe and easy combing, preventing the fair from falling. Black seed oil support to regenerate damaged hair and commonly used for hair loss.


Also known as Black Seed oil (Kalonji Nigella Sativa - Habbat Al Baraka) made from the Black Seed herb, which has a powerful antimicrobial properties help prevent scalp infections. Antifungal qualities make it an ideal scalp serum for seborrheic dermatitis/eczema, the condition that usually causes dandruff. Nigella sativa heals better than anti-eczema creams. This oil’s antioxidant properties can help protect the scalp from the normal aging process that thins the hair.


For external use only

Free from alcohol

Size: 125ml


Black Seed / Cumin Oil Hair Natural Treatment Kalonji / Nigella Sativa - 125ml

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