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Moringa Seeds Oil

Organic Cold Pressed



Internal & External use


Naturally Supports: 

Overall well-being & hihghly Nutrititve 


The Blessings of Moringa seed oil:

Moringa oil is used internally and externally, it is very rich in nutritional and medicinal values


Mroina is used for the hair to enhance its growth and protect it from damage.



Oil Benefits: Moringa oil has very high oleic acid and protein content, a healthy monosaturated fat. 


The oil can support with:


  • Cholestrol Management.
  • Moringa oil has sterols, which according to research lower LDL cholesterol.

  • Beta-sitosterol which is found in moringa oil has antidiabetic and antioxidant benefits,



100% cold press moringa seeds oil



Internally. 4-6 drops 2 times a day. Or half a tsp  a day. 

Externally: add few drops and apply to the hair, face or Body.



Organic Moringa Seed Oil - 100% Pure Cold Press

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