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What is Purple Maize or Purple Corn by Vigor Mundi?


Purple Maize, also known as Purple Corn, (Zea mays L. Kculli) kernels have the highest anthocyanin value of all plants. Vigor Mundi brings you a supremely concentrated extract, organically grown in the Andean valleys of Peru. Our extract is concentrated at a ratio of 30:1, which means that 30 kg of corn is needed to produce 1 kg of our potent Anthocyanin powder. This ratio is achieved through air-drying, which preserves the complex spectrum of bioflavonoids.


Our raw Purple Maize powder is prepared from the kernel skins of the corn only so no unnecessary starch is included, which accounts for its deep purple colour and rich bioflavonoid and mineral content. Raw means NO HEAT OR RADIATION, NO BULKING AGENTS, NO ADDITIVES were used.



  • Ingredients: Raw 30:1 Purple Maize powder (100%)
  • Content: 100 grams
  • Botanical name: Zea mays L. Kculli
  • Country of origin: Peru 

How to use our Purple Maize 


DIRECTIONS: Take 1 teaspoon (approx. 3 mg) with your favourite smoothie mix, hot chocolate or cereal.

NOTE: Please consult a medical practitioner in case of pre-existing medical conditions or pregnancy.

Raw Purple Maize 30:1 Anthocyanin extract 100g

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